Nationally recognized trade magazine, Grocery Business recently published their 2014 Special Report on the Foreign Agricultural Service and the U.S. cooperators in Canada. To learn more about their activities in the grocery trade, click here. 

March – April Edition of Grocery Business

Taste of Toronto, July 24 – 27, 2014
Toronto, Ontario

The tasteUS! staff recently announced the winner of the basket of U.S. products that were on display at this year’s consumer show, Taste of Toronto.  Ms. Hillarey Noble of Bolton, Ontario was selected among the many participants that were surveyed about their attitudes towards these specialty products.  Over 85% of the visitors reported they would buy these products in their local specialty stores.  Thank you Ms. Noble and the many Canadian consumers that stopped at the tasteUS! booth and provided the staff valuable feedback.  To read more about the show go to What’s New

Taste of Toronto